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Twenty years ago, Vantage Point broke new ground,
introducing to consumers media mounting solutions
that were attractive, high-quality... and nearly invisible
behind the media mounted on them. Two decades
later, we’re breaking new ground again, coming
out of the shadows, into the spotlight to showcase
a stunning new mounting system that commands
attention for its aesthetic style and its customizable
functionality that blends with any décor.
The evo system™ is the mounting solution for!

We went back to basics with the creation and
design of the evo system™, re-examining our own
expectations of media mounts, and the expectations
and desires of our customers. When the system was
finally perfected, it still lacked the ideal name. But in
the designers’ description of the process itself, we
had only to look at the revolutionary product that
had evolved into this amazing new form. The creative
team agreed in unison: The evo system™!
A delicate balance between space, design and

An evolving creation capable of adapting to its
environment, the evo system™ features elements of
nature with real wood veneer panels in maple, cherry
and walnut as well as espresso and black laminated
finished panels that enhance the surroundings it
graces. A simple landscape co-exists beautifully with
the technology it sustains.

The evo system™, for your evolving lifestyle…
evo is the custom solution for securely mounting
televisions and all components on the wall to regain
valuable space in style, without investing a lot of time
or money. The evo system’s modular capabilities offer
functionality in on-wall furniture never before seen!
With multiple panel and frame choices, options are
only limited to your imagination making this the
product everyone is talking about and enviously
asking, “What’s on your wall?”

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